Our Services


Flute Maestro K. Bhaskaran’s main offerings (not exhaustive) are

  • Indian Classical Carnatic Music – Flute
  • Indian Light Classical music - classical film songs, bhajans, popular numbers, folk
  • BILVAMUSIC group – Indian Classical Music flute -with a multi-instrumental ensemble
  • BILVAMUSIC group – Indian-Western Global fusion Music involving Indian instruments and western instruments.

  • Our Customised musical offerings include …

  • Indian Classical Jugalbandhi – Hindustani and Carnatic Styles.
  • BILVAMUSIC group – with vocals also…
  • Several other customised options, like flavours of Kollywood, Bollywood,Indian audio-visual performance, traditional dance with music, should you wish for some such add-ons, would also be possible thru Flute Bhaskaran’s BILVAMUSIC group. Stage requirements and other aspects like budget would vary for these.

  • K.Bhaskara, & his associates in also interested in partnering and performing tandem width musical experts in offer genres like Jaze, North Indan Classical etc., …


    BILVA MUSIC Education & Workshops …

  • We offer online and direct tutoring in music - in flute.,
  • Performance aspects coaching for won flutist, like violists other instrumentalists advanced coaching like 'manodharma' aspects.
  • We offer Indian Classical music appreciation workshops.
  • Advanced Indian Classical (South) Instrumental playing and techniques - workshops & one-on-one coaching.
  • Links related to our music Education/Workshops
  • www.fluteclasses.wordpress.com


  • Bhaskaran was the first person to successfully model the creative process of 'Kalpanaswarams' unique to Indian classical music and develop a software program for it.
  • The two papers :
  • 1. " Simulation of Kalpanaswarms in South India Music" published in CSI Communications -May '86.
    2. " Computer generation of Kalpanaswarms in Karnatic Music"
    presented in the Annual Music conference of the "Karnataka Ganakala Parishat" in Bangalore in Jan 1985, are acknowledged as pathbreaking work in Cognitive modeling of creative processes.
  • Bhaskaran has been experimenting on alternate flute-making material like fiberglass and also received a Central Government Dept. of Culture Senior fellowship for research in performing arts, given to outstanding musicians in 1992-1994.Further computer models on "Raga Modelling" , "Gamakka Modelling" have been presented.
  • Computer multimedia CD on mathematical aspects of Pallavies and Swarams". Fellowship 2001-2002.
  • Some Published Articles and Talks
  • "Computer Generation of Kalpanaswaras" Annual Music conference paper, Karnataka Ganakala Parishat, Bangalore, 1985.
    Appreciation of Carnatic Music published in Ganasudha, 412.08 Hubli, Annual conference Souvenir, 1993.
    "The many faces of the flute" Sruti magazine, March 1994.
    "Computers and Karnatic Music" Paper and Lecture at Sri Krishna Ganasabha, Gokulashtami Music Conference, Madras 1987.
    "Lathangi and Logarithms" talk at the Visweswaraiah Museum Hall, organized by Avyaya Bangalore, Dec. 1991.
    Can Computers play a role in Karnatic Music paper published in the Indian Musicological Society (Baroda) vol. 25 Jan. Dec. 1994.